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2nd SS Contact: Wesley Farrington

Ph: 704-604-2742

Location: Matthew, NC




Facebook: Kampfgruppe Mecklenburg!

There is no one more essential to the role of preserving history than each and every citizen. We alone, are entrusted with this responsibility.

Mission: To respect and honor all nations involved in WWI and WWII as we endeavor to keep the memory alive of all who made sacrifices.

Disclaimer: Our organization is non-political and not affiliated with any organization or belief system associated with hatred or racism. If you are offended by WWII German images please do not continue further on this site as it does contain images and information on the Third Reich.

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Eyes that have seen death and devastation fixed upon letters to loved ones, the same hands gripping pages of letters that have gripped the bodies of fallen comrades, and hearts full of pride, regret, and fear, that is a WWII soldier. 


As time marches forward there are fewer and fewer veterans left to share their stories. Re-enactors have an opportunity to listen, retell, and connect past generations with future generations through interaction at Living Histories and Air Shows. 



Individuals from of all walks of life are members of this unit. We all have a genuine interest in history, a desire for camaraderie, and a drive to learn more.


Each member has a different area of focus bringing something unique to the group. We contribute and learn by sharing information.  Pieces of individual collections are pulled together at living history displays to bring our knowledge to the public.














We enjoy sharing in camp life, studying field tactics, discussing history, setting up displays at Air Shows, participating in public skirmishes at living histories, and we also participate in weekend immersion tacticals several times per year.










Overall health and safety come first at every event. Historical accuracy and respect are the most important factors we take to heart each time we step onto the field. A great bond forms when you undergo the fine balance of offensive and defensive maneuvers. Through pressure and patience we grow stronger as a unit at each event.

2nd SS Reenactors
WWII Reenactment in North Carolina

Image from  Latta Plantation Public Battle near Huntersville, NC


Image from Field Tactical

near Huntersville

North Carolina 







Why re-enact as German Soldaten

Portraying an elite group, such as the SS, is a study in military tactics, technological advancements, cutting edge training regiments, and an understanding of the mindset of a formidable opposition from WWII.











Developing a clearer understanding of what drove average citizens to become German soldiers, medics, and auxiliary corps allows us to gain a stronger knowledge of other cultures and relate to current events.




For the younger generations being a part of a re-enactment unit provides an opportunity for growth and responsibility.


Being entrusted with follow-through on projects instills self-respect.


Learning to depend on others and having them to depend on you instills loyalty and encourages teamwork.


Appreciating elders and veterans in the community is one of the most important factors that build character. Re-enacting gives individuals of all ages a chance to learn from veterans and older generations.


Interacting with the public eliminates fears of public speaking. Often re-enactors communicate with the public in a forum of teaching others benefiting both the teacher and the listener.


Gaining a broader perspective on how history affects our lives today is also just a small part of what is gained when you join a re-enacting unit.




Welcome to WWII re-enacting at its best!  We are a WWII German re-enactment unit based out of North Carolina, USA portraying SS Soldaten 2nd SS “Das Reich” Der Führer. Our unit consists of infantry and pioneer soldiers. Other impressions include field medics, police, nurses, and signals. By including different impressions in our unit this allows for individuals to represent rear echelon roles essential during the war for a complete perspective of the network and makeup of the military forces during WWII.



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There are many opportunities for reenactors due to the extensive roles of soldiers during WWII. 

2020 Schedule

24 Oct Sat Annual Oxford NC Military

History Timeline

Henderson-Oxford Airport Display

Open to public Sat 10am-4pm

Weapons Demo

No Fee for event

Event Brite registration

6514 Airport Rd, Oxford, NC

06 Nov – 07 Nov Fri – Sat Private

Training Event Lugoff SC

               Drill and field tactics

              Cabin available Fri and Sat

Event 9am-5pm Sat 

No Fee for event

Individuals must reserve space in cabin, contact Wesley

102 Gettys Rd, Lugoff SC


11 Dec - 13 Dec Fri - Sun

Christmas in the Trenches, Lugoff SC

Fri Nt Battle, Fri 7:30pm-11:30pm

Sat Day Battle, Sat 9am-4pm

Private Tactical (not open to the public)

$20 Fee for event (cash at event)

Individuals must sound off with commander

as Unit must advise #’s


Dinner Saturday additional Fee

102 Gettys Rd, Lugoff SC

09 Jan Sat Unit Training 9am-4pm

Cook-In and Learn @ the Farrington's

Bring a side or snacks

Paperwork Review/Pioneer Training

30 Jan - 31 Jan Fri - Sat

Wacht Am Rhein, Enfield

Private Tactical (not open to the public)

$20 Fee for event Pre-payment

Pre-Registration required

22960 NC Hwy 48, Enfield NC

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